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You Can’t Be(e) What You Can’t See: 5th Annual National Girls Learning Code Day Digital Arcade


On May 12, girls ages 8-13 across Canada collaborated on a very important mission – to produce video games that helped raise awareness about the declining bee population. With 31 events across the country, 699 learners (+ their parents/guardians) and 307 volunteer mentors, we’re still buzzing from our biggest year yet! Learners got to explore the game industry by experiencing what it’s like to work on different project teams, within a variety of roles. From creating the artwork, sounds, background music, and game itself – we went through the development process together, from pre-production to post.

Our annual signature event, National Girls Learning Code Day, exists so that we can show girls across the country that they can use technology to create social change, to encourage creative thinking to find solutions to problems, to apply personal interests and skills, and to empower our learners to walk away using the tools, languages, and programs learned to KEEP CODING! We are already looking forward to 2019.

This year, we couldn’t have done it without our partners XDS Summit and Scotiabank. We thank them both for all of their generous support and passion for the important work that we are doing.


Now, let’s play! Check out some of the amazing games created from our learners across Canada beelow:

Honey Hunt – Calgary

It’s Raining Cheerios – Charlottetown

Pollen Drop – Edmonton

Catch ‘Em Game – Markham

Save The Bee – Mississauga

Sauvon les abeilles – Montreal

Taking Care of Buzzness – Saskatoon

Can’t wait until next year’s National Girls Learning Code Day? We offer year-round programs across the country! Check out what’s happening in a chapter near you:

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