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Each Code Mobile is powered by a regional Code Squad, whose mission is to put technology in the hands of Canadians who may not otherwise have the experience. From girls to newcomers to Indigenous youth to young Canadians with disabilities, we want to give all Canadian youth the chance to build, and not just consume, technology.

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Learner & Mentor

I began the Ladies Learning Code Digital Skills course as a testing ground to see if coding was something I wanted to pursue. I was even lucky enough to receive a partial scholarship, which made participating more feasible as a recent grad. One part-time course can’t cover everything, but what I took away was more than just the basics of digital literacy. It was the confidence that this was a possible career path for me and a part of my future.  The comradery and collaborative atmosphere between the instructors, mentors, and other learners was incredibly encouraging.

girls looking at their instructor as they take notes beside their laptops

Ladies Learning Code:
Digital Skills for Beginners

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your skills to level-up at work, make a career switch, start your own business, or just want to learn something new, our part-time 7-week Digital Skills program has something for you. Featuring the same hands-on, social, and collaborative learning approach that has made Ladies Learning Code so popular, this program offers you the opportunity to learn directly from industry leading designers and developers.

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