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If you’re a designer, developer, engineer, educator or simply someone who is passionate about technology, we want you to join our amazing league of volunteers working to make technology education accessible and fun for all people in Canada!

Canada Learning Code is a volunteer-driven organization. Our volunteer community is 500+ strong across Canada and growing every day! From the lead instructors at the front of the class sharing their skills to the mentors sitting at a learner’s side and cheering them on to the chapter leads bringing accessible tech education to their communities, every magic moment has a volunteer at its core. 

If you have a love for technology, a passion for community, and a desire to find a fun, fulfilling volunteer opportunity that matches your unique skills and interests, we’ve got you covered! Keep scrolling to learn more about the different ways you can champion coding education in your community.


Volunteer, Mentor

I got involved with Canada Learning Code through mentoring at the youth summer camps as I wanted to inspire them to pursue higher education and careers in technology. Having been the only female at a number of technology events and workshops during my time in school, I wanted to be a part of an organization that empowers the younger generation to embrace diversity in technology and to share my personal experiences with them. Through these roles and participating in these programs, I have had the opportunity to have a positive impact on the lives of youth learners and develop my own skills along the way.


Volunteer, Mentor & Instructor

When I heard about Ladies Learning Code, I thought about how amazing it would be for women to come into a workshop and learn how to code from other women.  It would be the same atmosphere that got me interested in programming, and I wanted to be a part of it. The thrill of watching someone realize that they just wrote a computer program is an experience that I get every time I mentor or lead a Canada Learning Code lesson.  The best part, though, is that I know that even if someone leaves the workshop thinking they are not a coder, it will never be because they felt unwelcome. ”

There’s an opportunity for everyone to get involved in their local community.


Do you want to help others develop essential digital skills? Get started as a mentor! Our Chapters across the country run in-person experiences.


We are always on the lookout for dynamic, friendly, and engaging individuals to deliver our exceptional content to adults and youth through our beginner-friendly workshops.

Chapter Leads

Chapter Leads are local leaders pioneering digital literacy in their communities Responsibilities include program operation and community engagement.

Chapter Coordinator

Chapter Coordinators provide support to local Chapter leads on projects and initiatives that will enhance our learners’ experience and build their local community. Perfect for those with a professional skill (ex. Community relations, marketing, education) they would like to exercise!

Corporate Volunteers

We are proud to work with companies who support our work to find fun, fulfilling volunteer opportunities for their team at our events and workshops.

Content Advisory Council

Want to have a hand in shaping the content Canada Learning Code delivers from coast to coast? Join the team of experts on our Council who provide valuable feedback on new and existing material.

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Become A Supporter

We are incredibly grateful for the generosity and support shown to us by companies, individuals, and organizations across the country. Our sponsors and donors truly make it all possible! Your support today will help us to continue to deliver amazing educational programs and experiences that have the power to transform lives.

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