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Canada Leaning Code is charitable initiative dedicated to advancing digital literacy for all Canadians. We design, deliver and partner on technology education programs. Our programs include: Ladies Learning Code, Teachers Learning Code, Kids Learning Code, Girls Learning Code and Teens Learning Code.

Canada Learning Code week has been created thanks to the support of the Department of Canadian Heritage and Boeing. The week is meant to offer all Canadians the opportunity to participate and learn about our country’s history and re-imagine it digitally (through games, interactive stories, digital art and more!) with a distinct voice.

Nope! Participating in the week is completely free. Our how-to-guide is free. Our lesson plans are free. Our training sessions are free. We’re a charitable initiative supported by amazing organizations like Canadian Heritage and Boeing to make coding education accessible to all.

Created by MIT, Scratch is an ideal tool for teaching beginners the concepts of code and computational thinking. It is a visual tool that enables total beginners to better understand how to code by moving blocks and constructing logic in easy to understand (and fun!) ways. It’s also platform agnostic which means you can use it on iPads, Macs or PC’s alike both online (connected to the internet) and offline.