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This Month December, is all about taking action

Have you started thinking about your goals and resolutions for 2020? We want to encourage you to get a start on your 2020 projects by taking action and starting to plan how to make those amazing ideas a reality. There are plenty of ways to take action not only just for your own life/work, but also within your community and beyond. Think back to all you have learned in 2019 and the ways you can accelerate your plans for the next year. 

We want to work together to take action for the things that are important to us and go into the new year ready to tackle new opportunities and make positive change. Taking action together might look like being an ally to those around you and creating safe spaces for learning and moving towards your goals. There might be new and creative ways to take action and using technology to do so could be a great place to start.

Technology has allowed us to take action in ways like never before. We are able to collaborate together over common goals and interests through online channels. There are also plenty of digital tools and services that can help us take action on our goals, whether that is acquiring new skills, propelling a business idea, or staying on top of our current projects. 

This month, we’d like to challenge you to pause, reflect and learn about topics, problems, concerns around the topic of take action – as you create your web projects.

How to participate this month:

As you learn about and develop fluency on digital tools and programming languages, we would like for you to explore the topic of take action. We’ll leave what you want to focus on up to you – but thinking about how to create inclusive and accessible learning spaces – might be a great starting point!

For example, how might we….

  • Understand how to successfully set goals and discover what digital tools can help us do so?
  • Discover how we can take action individually as well as in our communities?
  • Understand how different methods for pursuing goals work for each person?
  • Build more awareness of how taking action can promote positive change in our communities?

We welcome you to be as imaginative as you like – but here are some example project ideas:

  • Create a video game where the character has to complete tasks to take action in their community 
  • Create an interactive story about how you have successfully taken action in the past
  • Build a website that allows people to share their progress in the new year and allows them to connect over common goals 
  • For educators, build a lesson plan that teaches students how they can take action and organize with other students by using digital tools 

Share your digital projects with us! 

Share photos, screenshots or videos of your digital projects you’ve started using the #clcCode4Change hashtag! We want to see what you end up creating. Remember that learning something new is a work-in-progress. We hope you continue to work on the project you’ve started with us – beyond the classroom!  

Get inspired!

  • Our theory of change and how we’re taking action as an organization 
  • An article about why success requires action, not wishful thinking
  • Explore this company that encourages kids to take action in their community for the environment
  • A list of tools for taking action with a design thinking lens
  • An article about the book Kids Taking Action 
  • A ted talk discussing the science of taking action