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Today, we kick off the search for Canada Learning Code’s next leader.


This year marks 11 years that I have had the honour of being a co-founder and almost 9 years as the CEO of Canada Learning Code, serving this community from coast to coast to coast.  These years have been the most rewarding of my life, so it is bittersweet to share that I am moving on from the best job in the world.

This year will be my last as Canada Learning Code’s CEO. 

As I reflect on my time with CLC, I am truly in awe and humbled by what we’ve been able to accomplish.  Almost 1 million meaningful technology learning experiences were created for people in Canada. A Chapter community in 35 cities coast-to-coast.  A fleet of traveling computer labs on wheels: the Code Mobiles. A Pan-Canadian K-12 Computer Science Framework shaping computer science education in classrooms across the country. Canada’s largest yearly celebration of computer science: CLC Week.  Thousands of volunteers, funders and partners who’ve generously contributed to help our community learn. A community of learners who are studying computer science, taking on additional responsibilities at work, or changing careers. And, countless other magic moments moving us closer to our vision for Canada. 

Since our earliest days, I would often say that a measure of success for our organization is that we no longer need to exist. While we have made substantial progress towards our goals, I’ve come to realize that a need for our work will always remain. Albeit it will evolve and look different.   To realize our vision, will require sustained effort and commitment to the communities we strive to serve, especially the most equity-deserving communities in Canada who have been, and continue to be, underrepresented in technology.  So, we’re still just getting started!  

So, why pass on the torch now? 

As someone who taught myself to code when I was 11, computer science has underpinned most of my life. It’s through coding that I developed the skills and confidence to realize I could make the impossible, possible.  I fell in love with the opportunities to create something from nothing and build things, services, and products that bring joy and opportunity to others.  That love for creating and building has never faded.  While I will always be one of CLC’s co-founders and early builders, as CLC has matured as an organization, I know that the next part of our story will require a strong, seasoned, and experienced CEO to chart the path forward through this next phase of our organization’s life.  

I am excited and proud to support the search for CLC’s next leader. Someone who, under their leadership, will usher in CLC’s next chapter – one that will be of continued impact and sustained investment in the communities we strive to serve. 

The Next Chapter

Our new leader will be tasked with an exciting opportunity to work across all of our team, volunteers, learners, and other stakeholders to set our future strategic vision and chart CLC’s future. Specifically,

  • To deliver on our commitment to provide meaningful learning experiences for learners who are typically underserved with computer science learning opportunities
  • Set our strategic direction for 2023 and beyond 
  • Lead the most incredible team of bright and passionate leaders working together toward CLC’s goals

What’s next for me?

I will continue to lead CLC into the Fall, while we simultaneously conduct our CEO search and deliver on our big ambitions for 2022.  After supporting the new CEO’s transition, I will continue to build and work on some personal projects while chasing after my toddler. 

Before I embark on what’s next, I would be remiss not to take a moment to recognize and thank all of those who entrusted me with the immense privilege to build and lead this national movement and helping almost 1 million people in Canada (and counting!) to learn computer science skills. 

Thank You’s

Our work has only ever been possible because of the generosity, passion, and commitment of hundreds of team members, volunteers, funders, and partners.  I can’t thank each and every one of you enough. 

To our funders: your support has enabled me and our team the ability to do our work. Our work is simply not possible without the support of not only these organizations but also the champions within those organizations supporting us, encouraging us, and helping us every step along the way.  From Georgian Partner’s 10-year, 1 million dollar pledge to Microsoft’s support in the big, wild idea that was the first Code Mobile traveling the country to multi-year commitments from Scotiabank, RBC, Government of Canada’s #CanCode program, Amazon, TikTok, Rogers, Boeing, Shaw, Accenture and more!  

To our Board Members past and present:  Your guidance and commitment to our shared vision has helped light the way. Your trust in me and our work has helped me stretch and grow in ways I could never imagine. 

To our team and volunteers:  You make our work possible. I have said this before and will continue to – you are the best team ever. The most thoughtful, courageous, and committed to helping support one another and our learners. Each of you has left your mark – a sparkle on the organization and I look forward to seeing what you all continue to accomplish. 

To our founding team: Heather, Breanna, and Laura – there’s no one else I’d have wanted to be on this adventure with! 

To our learners: When people have asked how I’ve sustained such passion for our work for so long, I’ve always said: you, our learners. Your willingness to try something new, your passion for learning and your ‘a-ha’ moments energize me every single time. Because of you, I know our future’s so bright and I’ve been so honoured to serve you all. 

While my time in the organization may be coming to an end, my support for the organization, the team and the work will never end. I look forward to continuing to support differently as CLC’s biggest fan and supporter.

I also know that you will entrust our new CEO the same opportunities you have me to lead this community. This role has been an absolute pleasure and “the best job in the world” because each of you have made Canada Learning Code (and me!) a part of your lives.

If you or someone you know might be fit for this incredible leadership role, please refer them to either me, Ali Leung, or our Search Partner, Four Corners Group.

And with that, one last time as CLC’s CEO – it’s Code Time, Go Time!

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