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TeacherCon is a free multi-day experience for Canadian educators in the K-12 school system, as well as student teachers and teacher leaders,

who want to inspire kids to be builders – not just consumers – of technology through coding activities and challenges.

TeacherCon will provide how-to guides, hands-on training, lesson-planning tools, mentor support and access to an educator community for sustainable support and collaboration.

Takeaways from TeacherCon will include Teacher Guides, access to an online lesson-planning platform, and community support for afterward.

We’ve combined our experiences teaching thousands of youth across the country to code, our tips and tricks to get started, resources to familiarize yourself with code, plus lots of easy to follow and even easier to implement coding activities to empower and teach the future generation of technologists across Canada.

Let’s shape how technology education is introduced in schools across the country – together!


  • Introduction to the “why’s” of Coding
  • Exemplars of Coding Projects and Lesson Plans
  • UnPlugged Coding Activities (no computer required)
  • Coding and Debugging in Scratch
  • HTML and CSS coding for web pages
  • Tech Stations featuring other tools
  • Coding with Little Robot Friends


  • Teacher Guides and Lesson Plans
  • Software and web-based tools
  • Cool Canada Learning Code Swag
  • Little Robot Friend (your own mini-robot)

Mississauga Event

TeacherCon Participant

“Presenters were excellent. Content was well paced and visuals and resources amazing to refer back to. Gave me so many ideas for how to embed new learning into the classroom. So appreciate the swag!”

Edmonton Event

TeacherCon Participant

“This has been a fantastic experience! Thank you for sharing these resources in a way that is easy to both understand, and use. Everything was relevant to classrooms today, and could be adjusted for both primary and secondary education.”

Vancouver Event

TeacherCon Participant

“Thanks for all the goodies and help from mentors and presenters! You are all doing a wonderful job! You are really reminding me of what good teachers do…breaks, pair shares, “politeness mode”, hands on activities, time to reflect, small group teaching, etc. Keep it up! Also, I couldn’t believe we learned processing and HTML today. That’s amazing!”

Saskatoon Event

TeacherCon Participant

“Love the way you made connections to curriculum and allowed us to play!”

Whitehorse Event

TeacherCon Participant

“I loved the mentors, facilitator, and the space. The technology opportunities were fantastic and practical and could be upscaled or downscaled for diverse learners.”

St. John's Event

TeacherCon Participant

“A wide variety of coding activities that I can use in my classroom and share with my colleagues. Providing support from the mentors was very beneficial for many participants. Very, very knowledgeable staff. Well organized. Great take homes including the presentation slides with links.”

Montreal Event

TeacherCon Participant

“Amazingly friendly learning atmosphere.”

Victoria Event

TeacherCon Participant

“I really appreciated the mentor support I received today — there seemed to be even more of them and they were very interactive, knowledgeable, and supportive! Thank you so much!”

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