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About TeacherCon 2020

During the week of September 21st-24th, you will be able to customize your own virtual TeacherCon experience! This experience will be taught completely in French.

This year, we’re offering new experiences for educators teaching kindergarten to grade 9, or educators teaching computer science for the first time at any grade level. By the end of the conference, you’ll know how to teach and adapt computer science into your curriculum using the new K-12 Computer Science Education Framework.

What Can Teachers Expect This Year?

Virtual hands-on training

True to all of our learning experiences, we’re running beginner-friendly workshops that are social, collaborative, project-based and hands-on to help you start teaching computer science.

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Resources to keep learning and start teaching

If you’re teaching computer science for the first time, you’re in luck! We have some amazing resources to help you continue your learning journey and prepare you to teach your students.

Learn curriculum tie-ins with the K-12 Computer Science Education Framework!

Computer science is an important life skill but how does it fit into your curriculum? We can help! Our very first session will walk you through how to use the Framework in your class.

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Types of Workshops

  • Introducing the K-12 Computer Science Education Framework (all grade levels)
  • Machine Learning for Kids: Cyberbullying (grade 4-6, with extensions for younger grades)
  • Envisioning Canada in VR (grade 6 and up)
  • Headz Up! With Micro:bit (grade 4-8, with extensions for younger grades)
Prize pack includes portable podium and a $750 gift card

Win A Prize Pack

When you participate in TeacherCon 2020 and teach computer science in your classroom or extracurricular program using one of our lesson plans, you can enter our contest* for a chance to win a prize pack (approximate value $1000). This prize pack includes a portable podium and a $750 gift card to either Logics Academy or Elmwood Electronics – the choice is yours!

Our contest is open to educators teaching in the Canadian school system.

The contest for TeacherCon (English, August 10th-14th) is now closed.

The contest for TeacherCon (French, September 21st-24th) will run from October 1st-October 31st. *View full contest rules

Thanks to our sponsor for making TeacherCon possible!
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