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Meet Digital Skills for Entrepreneurship Learner, Emily, Who Wants to Combine Her Passion for Vintage Clothing and Design to Create a Business!


Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Emily and I’m an artist and writer who has also done some work in communications. I love vintage clothing and design so I am thinking of starting my own business called Poppy Vintage.

Is this the first time you’ve taken a workshop with us?

Yes! It was pretty positive; the team brings a good deal of energy to their work, which I found motivating. 

Why did you decide to take Digital Skills for Entrepreneurship with us? 

I have done some work in communications within the arts and I was looking to upgrade my digital skills to increase my employability or perhaps start my own business.

What was your experience like with the full course?

It was a positive experience; the instructors were patient, kind and eager to help. While I was familiar with some of the content, I learned quite a bit and appreciated the breadth of knowledge that was covered. The instructors were great, especially Kim. I also loved when Tara helped out one day. The energy was always positive; it was a welcome addition to my mornings. 

Which workshop was your favourite? Why?

I enjoyed learning about style guides as I am very design-oriented. I found learning about WordPress interesting for the same reason. I also enjoyed how there was an Expo on the last day; asking us to present to the group forced me (in a gentle, supportive way), to make some key decisions about my future business.

What will you do with what you’ve learned? How will DSE help your business?

I feel I have a framework or checklist for what I should do when starting a new business and the tools to work my way through this list. DSE has taken some of the uncertainty out of the first steps; after taking this course, I feel like having my own business is more doable.

I also really enjoyed connecting with other folks and learning about their business ideas and plans; finding similarities in values and goals and learning from their experience and perspectives was quite valuable.

What’s one thing you want to share with any future learners who might be thinking about taking a workshop with CLC?

I would say don’t worry if you don’t have a business idea yet; this course will help you discover some skills that are useful in taking the first steps once you’ve found out what you’re passionate about. The support you receive and the feedback that is offered by both the instructors and the other learners can also help guide you towards discovering the right business for you; be patient with yourself and keep going, you have something to offer!

No business idea, no problem! We’re here to help you with developing your digital skills and you might just find your “this is it!” business idea. When you take part in a Ladies Learning Code experience, you can expect to learn from our incredible instructors and meet some amazing people. Here’s to growing your network and business! 

Our Ladies Learning Code programs are made possible with support from our partners at Accenture! We are grateful for your commitment to providing tools and skills for learners, like Emily, to pursue their ideas and leverage digital skills to build businesses. Thank you!

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