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The purpose of this electronic permission form is to ensure all participants wishing to participate in the live online experience programs offered by Canada Learning Code have some information regarding the risks that may be present during the program, in order to help the participant to make informed decisions regarding their participation.

If this registration is for a minor, you will also be required to complete a consent form for the minor(s) to participate in the program. This form and the release language should also be read to apply to the minor, for whom you are consenting.

This program will be delivered real-time live online via Zoom’s video conferencing technology. Zoom’s Privacy & Legal Policies are available online, and Canada Learning Code recommends that you review them before participating in the program because Canada Learning Code is not liable for any non-compliance with Zoom’s policies.

During the program, participants may experience some of the following activities: computer instruction, ice-breakers and presentations.

This program will have at a minimum two adult (18+) instructors online at any point, who will be facilitating any break-out rooms that may include 3 or more participants. All instructors and mentors have undergone background reference checks administered by Canada Learning Code through Triton Background Check. Learners are empowered to learn with us with their video turned on or off at their comfort and discretion.

Canada Learning Code is supported by instructors and mentors who have volunteered to participate and help others learn in a social and collaborative environment. Unlike our youth programs, volunteers of Ladies Learning Code adult programs do not require background or reference checks to volunteer nor have they been trained specifically to work with youth.

I hereby give permission for Canada Learning Code, as well as its sponsors and funders who might want to use Canada Learning Code’s photos to promote the programs they are sponsoring, to use photographs and video [henceforth referred to as “media”] taken or created by participants, the media, staff and/or volunteers during the workshop.

I hereby consent to the use of these media of myself / my child / my dependent, and/or any copies of these works in any editorial and/or promotional material produced and/or published by Canada Learning Code and its sponsors and funders.

I acknowledge and agree that these media will be the exclusive property of Canada Learning Code and that all reproduction rights are handed over to Canada Learning Code to use the media in any medium in perpetuity. I understand that these media may be posted publicly online. I shall have no claim against Canada Learning Code regarding its use of the media and any publicly published material which may arise therefrom. I understand that there will be no compensation or remuneration for the use of the media.

I understand that signing this release does not guarantee publication of the media.

If you cannot have pictures or videos taken of you / your child / dependent, please let the coordinator at the event know and they will do their best to ensure it does not happen.

I acknowledge and agree, and to the full extent permitted by law, to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Canada Learning Code and the officers, directors, agents and employees, from and against any and all claims, demands, suits, actions, proceedings, costs, disbursements, expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees), damages, judgments, losses, obligations, fines, penalties and other liabilities of whatever kind or nature arising out of or based on: any act, error or omission of Canada Learning Code and/or of Canada Learning Code’s employees, officers, directors, volunteers, subcontractors or licensors including without limitation any unlawful act that would diminish the reputation of Canada Learning Code or any injury to persons (including injuries resulting in death) or loss or damage to property of others which may be or be alleged to be caused, suffered as a result of in connection with the performance by Canada Learning Code or any of its employees, agents or permitted contractors of all or any part of Canada Learning Code’s obligations in delivery live online programs.

I accept sole responsibility for my behaviour during the program. I accept all liability for any damage to equipment caused by me or my careless, negligence and/or improper handling of the equipment.

Our Code Of Conduct ( aims to outline policies about expected behaviour and unacceptable behaviour for all employees, volunteers and participants to abide by and help enforce. I have had the opportunity to read and acknowledge Canada Learning Code’s Code Of Conduct.

I have had the opportunity to read and acknowledge the Policies & Procedures, which can be found at:

I have also had the opportunity to read and acknowledge the Privacy Policy, which can be found at:

For more information about Canada Learning Code please email us at

I am aware of and understand the risks associated with participating in the program run by Canada Learning Code. I acknowledge and accept, freely and in a fully informed manner, the risks related to my participation in the program and I acknowledge and accept these risks.

In consideration of this, I am registering willingly and am participating voluntarily in this program.