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How One Learner Used Our Digital Skills for Entrepreneurship to Propel Her Passion Forward


Our Digital Skills for Entrepreneurship (DSE) is designed to teach learners basic digital skills that will allow them to pursue their business idea or grow their existing business. We love helping our learners progress throughout the sessions and seeing their work in action. We (virtually) met up with one of our learners, Jenieki, who took our DSE course to see how it’s helped her with her business. 

Please introduce yourself!

Hello! My name is Jenieki Young and I’m located in Toronto, Canada. I’m a freelance blogger and content creator that focuses on eco-conscious lifestyle. 

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Is this the first time you’ve participated in an experience like DSE? 

No, I attended a Career Advancement and Mentorship Program at the end of 2018 and I really enjoyed how much it impacted my life at that time. I was given the tools to plan a career and even though I was not sure what to focus on, it gave me more direction to what I wanted to pursue.

Why did you decide to take Digital Skills for Entrepreneurship with us? 

Most of the digital skills that I have were self-taught but there is always room for improvement. My experience with the course overall was excellent, I believe I needed the extra push to get my ideas and thoughts together so that way I’m able develop my passion project a little further. 

Which workshop was your favourite? Why?

“Social Media Marketing” because it aligns perfectly with what I want to be doing and gave me a better insight on how to present and market my small business.

What was your biggest “A-HA!” moment?

My biggest A-HA moment was navigating through WordPress. I was already familiar with Wix that using another website builder was a bit tedious but I also learnt to place my business on google and how to add a button on my website that connects my PayPal account so that was pretty neat. 

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What will you do with what you’ve learned? How will DSE help your business?

I want to continue developing the skills that I learnt with DSE and use the knowledge that I have to assist the people that I’m familiar with and present myself and my work.

What’s one thing you want to share with any future learners who might be thinking about taking the Digital Skills for Entrepreneurship course?

I believe that this course is there to give you the necessary tools to expand on your business idea and taking the first steps gives you the foundation to make it into something greater. The instructors were very informative, understanding and humorous.

We’re here to support you! Get your feet wet with one of our Ladies Learning Code workshops and learn a new computer science concept or digital skill! Or, dive right in and sign up for an upcoming Digital Skills for Entrepreneurship course. We can’t wait to meet you!

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