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How Canada Learning Code Launched me into the Digital World


Before my introduction to Canada Learning Code, I had never had firsthand experience with a piece of code in my entire life. I was an active online gamer, I had worked for SaaS companies, but I had never bothered to look much further beyond that. The idea that you could write some random assortment of text and then it would magically do what you told it to do was a very foreign concept to me (and I learned, not always an accurate picture of coding).

When working for my first full-time role following graduation, I decided to take on the marketing portion of that business. I knew that I wanted to build them a modern website, but had no idea where to begin. I started researching courses, where I stumbled across Ladies Learning Code, and decided to give it a go. I signed up for a Saturday course: learning how to build a one-page website from scratch using HTML and CSS.

That’s all it took. That one course had me addicted. I found it so thrilling that I could write some HTML, give it some style, and see the results immediately. For the millennial in me who is driven by instant gratification, this was the pinnacle of satisfaction.

Shortly after this course, I began job hunting in Toronto, but found my skills in marketing weren’t competitive against this workforce. With minimal job prospects, I was left with no option but to take the leap and launch my own agency, alongside my partner. We decided we would use the agency to grow our portfolios and pick up some new skills along the way. Neither of us had any thought at the time that the agency would take off in a remarkable way and that we’d end up where we are today.

All I had learned from my courses and work running the agency allowed me to master many aspects of digital marketing – though I don’t believe you can ever stop learning with regards to these topics. I became an expert in content writing, SEO, and many other components of organic digital marketing efforts, as well as paid. This knowledge made our agency invaluable. Once I had decided that I had grown as far as I could within the agency, and wanted to move back into the corporate tech world, I found this incredible place within Tucows and their subsidiary, Hover. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to continue excelling in my career. Tucows is one of the only companies I came across in my two month interview spree that seemed to actually believe in hiring people who have true entrepreneurial spirit. People who can strategize, implement, innovate, and be accountable for their responsibilities. When I was researching the company, I came across an article about Hover domains on the Canada Learning Code blog, and knew I had found the right place for me.

If it weren’t for the courses offered by Canada Learning Code, specifically that first one in building a one-page website from scratch, I don’t believe I would have pursued this path. I recommend their courses constantly because of where that one course has led me in my career, and I couldn’t be happier. Canada Learning Code sparked an interest in coding and digital marketing, and inspired me to build a portfolio that I was proud of and that would carry me far. Hover is proud to be working alongside Canada Learning Code in a couple of their initiatives, such as their recent endeavour of bringing digital skills to the Indigenous community at Long Lake 58. Having my current position take part in initiatives with Canada Learning Code feels full circle.

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