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Teen Hackathons

Teen Hackathons are taking place Nov. 30 - Dec 1 in Toronto and Saskatoon. More dates coming soon!

With the hands-on, social and collaborative learning approach we’re known and loved for, Hackathons provide a fun, collaborative and intensive learning experience that introduces female identified, trans and non-binary youth to the world of solving real-world problems with technology.

This special event aims to reinforce the strength in diverse teams and that anyone can contribute to solving problems -whether they are just starting out with coding or have many programming languages under their belt.

The experience brings together technical workshops (HTML & CSS, UX/UI), work sessions, unplugged activities and industry insights where you’re able to learn as a group in a collaborative, social, friendly and supportive environment.

Teens will be inspired by the amazing instructors and mentors and will learn the technological and creative skills necessary for this ever-changing digital generation.

By the end of the Hackathon, learners will have developed important skills to help them think critically, prepare for the future in technology and contribute to the web in a positive way. Extending beyond technology, learners will develop critical thinking skills and empathy by learning how to identify, frame and unpack problems to tackle.

With 10 Hackathons planned in communities across the country throughout 2019, we’re excited to bring teen learners together to learn how tech can help them change the world.

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Hackathon Hashtag: #teenslearningcode

Twitter: @learningcode  Instagram: @learningcode Facebook: @canadalearningcode