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Get to Know ‘Mojet’, an Amazing Teen Ambassador Who Plans on Using Tech to Better the World


Tell us a bit about yourself!

Why hello there, my full name is Mojetoluwa (but don’t worry, you can call me Mojet). I am a Teen Ambassador and an author. I am 13 years old and currently in grade 8. I currently live in Weyburn, Saskatchewan. Yes, that’s rural Saskatchewan! I have been a coder for 2 years and have come to love JavaScript more than any other coding language, although I do explore Scratch from time to time. Over my 2 years as a coder, I have attended countless number of coding workshops at Canada Learning Code and other programs outside of CLC. 

Recently, I explored my science and coding skills for a school project. The project was to build a model of a plant or animal cell. My dream was to do something that no other grade 8 has done before in my school.  After talking to my mentor, who I happened to meet at CLC, I settled on building a virtual animal cell. I am one of the few students in my school who are into coding and technology, so I have the honour of being the first and only person to pick this format of presenting my project. Needless to say, this project turned out to be my favourite coding project and school project. The project became a talking point in my entire grade! (See pictures and link to the project below).’

Animation of a virtual cell

I am a woman of colour and I’m aware that there aren’t a lot of women like myself in engineering and technology. Acquiring coding and other relevant skills, I believe, opens a massive door of opportunities to plunge into the future. I sincerely look forward to a future where coding is offered across our elementary and high schools just like other subjects. This is why I like the CLC’s and TAP’s vision of bringing computer science and coding skills to the classroom, free of charge to multitudes of Canadian students who wouldn’t have access otherwise. 

Why did you apply for the Teen Ambassador Program?

I first heard about the Teen Ambassadors Program through emails and my mentor. I had enormous support from my parents, who adamantly believe acquiring computer and coding skills is the way of the future. I stepped out to take on the challenge, though, it was way out of my comfort zone. I’ve always wanted to change the world and I believe one of the ways to do that is to be a mentor, an influencer and this is my first shot at it!

What did it feel like when you got your acceptance letter?

Getting that email from Canada Learning Code made me feel like I got a scholarship to Harvard or one of the prestigious universities. I suddenly felt like I had two heads and I was walking on the sky! My parents and family celebrated my “achievement” (yes, it was an achievement) and that made me very proud.  Ever since I joined Canada Learning Code as a Teen Ambassador, it surprised me time and time again how far I have gotten with my journey to becoming an engineer. I truly feel like I’m gaining valuable skills that will help me achieve my dream and help me impact the lives of those around me.

Getting accepted into the program was the most shocking news I have had in my life. I didn’t expect to get into the program since I thought I was too young and I didn’t have enough experience in the field of technology. But getting that acceptance letter changed my whole perspective on how I view myself. I never knew I could work with other people my age so well, I have never been with such a supportive group of people. 

Screenshot of a Virtual Animal Cell game

What’s your favourite part so far?

My favourite part of being in this program is knowing that I am taking steps closer to my professional dream and impacting the world through mentorship. I love how diverse people from all parts of Canada are coming together to help, inspire and empower youth. Empowered youth builds a strong nation. The mentor training session has probably been my favourite workshop so far. I learned brand new coaching and mentoring skills that I can now apply in my daily life. 

What do you hope to accomplish as a Teen Ambassador?

I’m obsessed with changing the world. As a Teen Ambassador, I desire to get empowered in the field of technology so I can improve the world around me not just Canada, but the entire humanity. I want to leave a mark in history as someone who pushed technology to a whole new level like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and the rest. 

Being a part of the Teen Ambassador Program is helping me experience what life could be like when I graduate. I will have a head start compared to my peers because I took my first steps into my future career earlier. This program gives teens an education our schools have no curriculum for. We learn in a safe and learner-friendly environment, and we’re learning skills that are relevant to today’s economy, and we are constantly being inspired by amazing mentors in the program and guests from across the country. It would be awesome to see more people come into this amazing program and take part in reaping all the benefits that come with it. 

Any final thoughts?

The Teen Ambassador Program has opened up tons of opportunities to all, including people from minority groups. It’s my hope that one day more Canadian youth will get into the CLC program, learning relevant coding skills to prepare them for the future. This is the only way we can build a stronger nation for generations yet to come. TAP gives teens a chance to learn the skills that can eventually contribute to the world economies and international relations. 

Moreover, TAP is a training ground for life after high school and preparation for college life. 

Being successful requires we acquire new and valuable skills that are relevant to today’s world. Coding and computer skills are what’s going to be driving the world and TAP is an amazing chance to get easy access to lifelong skills. You really shouldn’t pass up an opportunity like this.

We would like to give a big shout out to our friends at RBC Foundation and Future Launch for providing learners in our Teen Ambassador Program like Mojet with opportunities to explore coding and plunge into the future! Thank you for your continued support, making it possible for teens across Canada like Mojet to acquire these valuable skills.

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