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This month, February, is all about Accessibility.

Image of accessibility considerations such as language, web, W3C

A broad term – that can mean so much and can be tackled many different ways. One thing’s for sure: we envision a future that is inclusive of and is accessible by all. There will always be room to improve experiences and products for more Canadians – and so, we want to know what you think with a solutions-oriented lens!

How to participate

As you learn digital skills and how to code with us throughout the month of February, we would like to challenge you to express your ideas, share your findings – perhaps articulate a solution on improving accessibility for a specific person, group, community or demographic.

How might we….

  • Design physical spaces for more people. Ex. Those with strollers or wheelchairs?
  • Help those who are visually impaired experience the web with ease?
  • Support those with Parkinson’s experience every day tasks a bit easier?

Here are just some project ideas that might inspire you:  

  • Develop a website that shares your favourite web accessibility tools
  • Create a browser extension that addresses the needs of visually impaired
  • Develop a website on how school might be designed to be more accessible for students with physical disabilities
  • Explore ideas on how we might design a specific product or physical space to be more accessible for someone who has one arm
  • Develop a website sharing your favourite arts and culture educational programs that are financially accessible

We will leave this up to you – and welcome you to be as imaginative and inventive as you like! We encourage you to put yourself in the shoes of someone who might have specific accessibility needs or connect with someone who might – to learn more!  


Share your projects using the #clcCode4Change hashtag! We want to see what you end up creating!  

Be inspired by our community

Learn about how learning how to code, inspired one learner to create a accessibility mobile application after witnessing a woman having difficulty with opening a door.  


Screenshot of a tweet about a learner who created a browser extension to teacher her ASL


Pictured above: One learner, in our Intro to Browser Extensions with Javascript Workshop created a web extension that share a new American Sign Language every time a new tab opens in your browser!