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Code can change the world.

In 2019, we want to help our community discover how!

Each month, we’ve selected a different theme encouraging people (like you!) to inspire your projects during our learning experiences. Here are some ideas on how you might combine your super powers and perspectives with technology throughout 2019:

  • A video game inspired by your findings on declining bee population
  • A piece of artwork to illustrate how we might learn in the future
  • A website to share your thoughts on food security in your community
  • A website to share your favourite ways to stay active in the winter season
  • An interactive story on how we might reduce food waste
  • A website to share your fun invention idea!

Explore Our Themes

Inspiration From Our Community

#clcCode4Change FAQ

Technology can power innovation and solve problems. It gives us the ability to learn about perspectives outside of our own. It has the power to drive change within individuals, communities – the world.

We want to celebrate the richness of the knowledge and diversity of perspectives that our nation holds. And so, we have chosen 12 themes (one for each month) for 2019, centred around broad global issues for our learners to reflect on. We have also included theme topics that might help inspire Canadians to dig deeper in their thoughts, research and ideas.

You can learn about our themes in the ‘Explore Our Themes’ section above!

We’d love for you to participate in #clcCode4Change! Register to attend a learning experience – and use the theme as inspiration for whatever you are guided to create. All of the learning experiences we offer are project-based – which means that you will apply your newly gained skills on creating something. Whether a digital story, interactive art or website – you are encouraged to reflect on the theme and apply your perspective, research or idea on the project you’ve started!  

Some will be! You will know if you are signing up for an official theme-inspired workshop – as this will be indicated in the description on the Eventbrite registration page. However, if you attend one that is not theme-inspired, we still encourage you to use the month’s theme as inspiration for the project you create!

There is a theme for every month! We’ve shared what the theme for each month is above in the ‘Explore Our Themes’ section. Also, follow us on Twitter, on Instagram and Like us on Facebook. We’ll be sharing some additional resources that might inspire your digital creation!

We would love to know how you’ve chosen to include the theme in the digital project you’re working on! Share a link, a screenshot or a video of your creation using the hashtag #clcCode4Change!

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