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Canada Learning Code Week

December 4-10, 2023 (Virtual)

During Canada Learning Code Week, students around Canada will collectively code to unlock Emoji World and make it a better place for all emojis.

Last year students all over Canada learned how to code and filled Emoji World with 1000s of emojis including many 💩 poop 💩 emojis. Unfortunately, this has resulted in the release of too much CO₂ And now Emoji World is at risk of severe climate change.

Teachers, with you as the Commanders and us as your co-pilots, our mission is to mitigate the CO₂ emissions caused by thousands of poop emojis from Canada Learning Code Week last year.

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How does it work?

  • Get your free Canada Learning Code Week lesson plans delivered to your inbox
  • Teach a featured lesson plan (or more) during Canada Learning Code Week (December 4-10)
  • After you teach, you’ll tell us how many students you taught and get a unique code that will unlock Emoji World for your class
  • This will give each student access to Emoji World so they can see how their new coding skills made an impact (and then have fun making Emoji World continue to grow!)

Who is Canada Learning Code Week for?

  • Teachers and educators from around Canada
  • All coding skill levels, especially absolute beginners
  • Earthlings in grades one to twelve and their star teachers
  • Teachers with coding in their curriculum
  • Teachers who want to add creativity and computer science to their classroom
  • Teachers looking to integrate coding into existing subjects

Why should you participate?

Besides being THE coolest teacher on the block, you’ll:

  • Bring coding into your class in a fun and easy way
  • Already be prepped with our featured lesson plans
  • Be part of creating something big with your students
  • Connect coding to climate action education

Teach code with your class to unlock Emoji World and make it a better place for all emojis. Unlock Emoji World

Get your lesson plans straight to your inbox

We’ll send you grade-appropriate, climate-themed, curriculum-connected lesson plans featured for Canada Learning Code Week right to your email. Then, you teach. It’s that easy!

What does it mean to be green?

Teach this lesson if you want to see your students’ environmental responsibility shines through poetry.


Students will discuss what it means to be ‘green’ and create a Green Haiku together, then bring their favourite idea to life using ScratchJr.


Subjects: English language arts, Science and technology, Mathematics

  • Block-based
  • ScratchJr

micro:bit Challenge: Addressing the UN Global Goals

Teach this lesson if your students are micro:bit lovers, ready to use that love for good.


Students will create a prototype addressing one of the UN’s Global Goals, to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.


Subjects: English language arts, Science and technology, Social sciences

  • Unplugged
  • Block-based

CO₂ trends with Python

Teach this lesson if your students are ready to be eco-data heroes.


Students will use Python and the Pygal graphing library to visualize data about one of the most important issues facing our country: greenhouse gas emissions and their relation to climate change.


Subjects: Science and technology, Mathematics

  • Text-based
  • Python

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Need extra support?

Need extra support?

Not exactly sure about how to go about teaching code and need a walk through? We’re here for you and will get you ready.

Register for free live-online workshops leading up to Canada Learning Code Week to learn how to teach your students these lessons.

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