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Canada Learning Code Week

December 5-11, 2022 (Virtual)

During Canada Learning Code Week, students around Canada collectively coded to unlock Emoji World!

Teachers, with you as the Commanders, and us as your co-pilots, we did great-big, galactic-sized things.

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Who it's for

  • All coding skill levels, especially absolute beginners
  • Earthlings in grades one to eight and their star teachers
  • Teachers with coding in their curriculum
  • Teachers who want to add creativity and computer science to their classroom
  • Teachers looking to integrate coding into existing subjects

Why participate?

Besides being THE coolest teacher on the block, you’ll:

  • Bring coding into your class in a fun and easy way
  • Already be prepped with our featured lesson plans
  • Be part of creating something big with your students

How it works

  1. Get your free Canada Learning Code Week lesson plans delivered to your inbox
  2. Teach a featured lesson plan during Canada Learning Code Week (December 5-11)
  3. After you teach, you’ll get a unique code that will unlock Emoji World for your class to bring it to life!

Thank you for helping Emoji World grow!

About Canada Learning Code Week

Canada Learning Code Week is an annual call to action for people in Canada to teach or learn how to code. It’s about using technology to create amazing things together in a fun, easy and engaging way.

This year, from December 5-11, school teachers in Canada (that’s you!) will teach Canada Learning Code Week lesson plans to unlock – drumroll please – 🪐🔥😼🦄 Emoji World 🪐🔥😼🦄 for their classes to bring to life!

Your students will get to envision and express themselves in this world through their favourite emojis, representing the big impact we can make when we collectively code 🤩

You, the teachers, create possibility ✨. And during Canada Learning Code Week, together, we will harness the power of technology and empower thousands of students to use code to think, design and build.

Get your lesson plans straight to your inbox

We’ll send you grade-appropriate, emoji-themed, out-of-this-world lesson plans featured for Canada Learning Code Week right to your email. Then, you teach!

Pixel Programming

Teach this lesson if your students have a love for stationery. 🗒️we exist🗒️.


Learners will use post-its to program pixel art. Then they will be able to write their very own pixel programs.

  • Programming
  • Technology and Society
  • Design

micro: Virtual Pet

Teach this lesson if your students have never heard of a Tamagotchi and you think they’re missing out.


Learners will design their own micro: virtual pet, adding animations based on age and ability.

  • Programming
  • Technology and Society
  • Design

Animating an Emoji with Scratch

Teach this lesson if you think your students have what it takes to design the next big emoji.


Learners will create and animate emojis in Scratch, starting with a discussion on emojis in modern communication.

  • Programming
  • Design


Teach this lesson if your students are petitioning for a poop on fire emoji.


In this activity, learners remix a p5js sketch to build their very own interactive emoji artwork.


  • Programming
  • Data
  • Design

Thank you to our Presenting Sponsors

These organizations give generously to ensure that Canada Learning Code programs and initiatives are available at low or no cost to our learners.