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Code is more than numbers.

Join us for Canada Learning Code Week 2021

December 6th – 10th, 2021

Join us for Canada Learning Code Week and participate in one of our workshops to:

  • Help your students learn how to use tech to create something amazing
  • Discover fun and interactive ways to teach your students about tech
  • Teach alongside thousands of teachers


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Take a Workshop

We are offering free asynchronous workshops to show you how to teach your students these lessons. Take as many as you’d like, whenever you’d like. Teaching computer science has never been so easy or so fun!!

Creating with CoSpaces

Related Lesson Plans: Virtual Fable Retell and Building Objects in 3D with TinkerCAD

Check out our Creating with CoSpaces workshop in English.

Rhyme Time with ScratchJr

Check out our Rhyme Time with ScratchJr workshop in English.

Bugs in our Sequence

Related Lesson Plans: Speed Stacker and Coding a Growth Mindset

Check out our ‘Bugs in Our Sequence’ workshop in English or French.

Making Music with micro:bit

Check out our Making Music with micro:bit workshop in English.

people meeting

Make sure that you also check out our Teachers Lounge where you can meet and talk with other teachers from across Canada teaching computer science lessons.

If you’re not sure what to teach, you can access all of our free dynamic lesson plans to help you get started.

You can also access support from our support team, who will be available to answer any questions that you have about the lessons or in troubleshooting any problems.  


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Lesson Plans

Speed Stacker (unplugged)

Teach this if: solo cups make you joyfully nostalgic  

This activity uses code to build cup towers in order to reinforce basic computational thinking. Learners will write out algorithms for each other, then debug and problem-solve their code together

  • Programming

Coding a Growth Mindset (unplugged)

Teach this if you: prefer teaching theatre class

Learners will explore how a “growth mindset” is an essential requirement in being a successful coder. Learners will create their own dramatic skits as they act like coders.

  • Programming
  • Technology and Society
  • Data

Bust a Rhyme

Teach this if you: want your kids to think you are J-Cole 

Learners will write their own rap and then animate it using their knowledge of ScratchJr coding.

  • Programming
  • Data

Virtual Fable Retell

Teach this if you: love storytelling and books

Learners will retell a fable using CoSpaces Edu.


  • Programming
  • Design

Building Objects in 3D with TinkerCAD

Teach this if: your kids love CGI movies

Create a 3D object with TinkerCAD! Learners will explore the process used to make their favourite CGI movies, and bring Pac-Man into the third dimension!

  • Programming
  • Design
  • Technology and Society

Making Music with micro:bit 

Teach this if: you’re a music teacher at heart

In this self-paced micro:bit activity, learners will use sheet music and a block-based or text-based language to program popular songs.

  • Programming
  • Computing and Networks

If you’re looking for more lesson plans visit our learning tool and you can access them all for free.

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Teacher teaching

Is your class up for a challenge? If so, post some of your students’ creations on TikTok or Twitter with #PowerOnChallenge and tag a colleague from another class to do the same. Can’t wait to see all of your classroom’s creativity come to life!


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We’re proudly supported by our Community Partners: