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We’re excited to announce the launch of two new Chapters on National Learn to Code Day!


We’re thrilled to announce that Ladies Learning Code is launching two brand new Chapters on September 23rd, otherwise known as our Fifth Annual National Learn to Code Day! We’re so excited to welcome Markham and North Bay to our community!

It’s been 6 years since we hosted our first workshop in Toronto and are so excited to have grown to over 30+ Chapter cities since! Markham and North Bay will join cities like Vancouver, Ottawa, Red Deer, Saskatoon and Fredericton in offering beginner-friendly tech workshops to their community!

First, we’ll explore our North Bay Chapter which came to life after Rajarajan Thangarasu, our new Chapter Lead, mentored with our Sudbury Chapter and was inspired on bringing the same opportunities to the North Bay community! Rajarajan, who also goes by Raja, works as a Software Developer in North Bay. “I am very passionate about building Web and iOS applications. I love learning, teaching and playing with new technologies.” says Raja, who strongly believes that Ladies Learning Code can offer a new way of thinking to his community!

We’re also so excited to be launching a Markham Chapter! We see many learners commuting from outside of the GTA to attend our workshops in downtown Toronto, so we are looking forward to offering our programming a little closer to home for those in Markham! Julie Shum, our Markham Chapter Lead, is returning to Toronto and back into the world of IT after a 6 year sabbatical. Julie discovered Ladies Learning Code while researching courses to update her skills. She found our workshops to be so incredibly rewarding, that it has led her to take lead in building the Markham Chapter! Julie is focused not only on programs for adults, but bringing programming for youth and teens to Markham (and as quickly as she can!)

Both Chapters will launch on our Fifth Annual National Learn to Code Day on September 23rd. National Ladies Learning Code Day is the first event of its kind in Canada and was designed to help women see technology in a whole new light – as a medium for self- expression, and as a means for changing the world. On September 21st, 2013 we launched our first Ladies Learning Code Day and exposed over 500 women to our one day beginner workshops. This year, we are in 30+ cities and hope to impact 1500+ learners across the country!

So what does this mean for the both the North Bay and Markham communities? First and foremost, it means that you are now going to have access to the same fun, collaborative, and beginner-friendly coding workshops that are beloved by tens of thousands of your fellow Canadians! At Ladies Learning Code, we believe in digital literacy for all Canadians, including those who live in smaller communities. And we are so grateful to our new Chapter Leads Julie and Raja for inviting us out to their communities and their incredible leadership in getting programming off the ground in their regions!

As for what’s next for both Chapters, a series of workshops for adults will be offered in various communities and locations throughout 2017, as well as future workshops for youth and teens! These are two exciting Chapters you will want to keep your eyes on!

Click here to join North Bay for their Chapter Launch on September 23rd!

Click here to join Markham for their Chapter Launch on September 23rd!

Contact your new Chapter Leads!

Julie Shum – Markham Chapter Lead

Rajarajan Thangarasu – North Bay Chapter Lead

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