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Thanks for taking a Canada Learning Code experience!

We invite you to complete a survey. It will help us learn more about you and your experiences.

What is this survey about?

This survey will ask for your feedback on your experiences with Canada Learning Code.

Do you have to take this survey?

No, you do not have to take this survey if you do not want to. Even if you agree to take this survey, it is OK to change your mind and quit the survey later. If you do take the survey, it is also OK not to answer certain survey questions if you do not want to. No matter what your decisions are, you can still participate in any experiences with Canada Learning Code.

We have given your parents/guardians information about this survey too, so feel free to talk to them about it.

How can this survey help you?

You may not benefit from this survey directly. However, your answers to the survey questions may help Canada Learning Code improve their experiences.

We do not think there will be any major risks to you if you decide to take this survey.

How will we protect your information?

Your answers to the survey questions will be linked to your name.  

We will not share any information about you with anyone outside of Canada Learning Code. We will not include your name in any report. No information in the reports will be connected to you.