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8 Tips for Working Remotely


For many of us, remote work is a new reality. We asked ourselves the question: how can we stay accountable, collaborative, and productive as we work remotely? Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been researching and testing different tips and tricks. If you’re new to the remote-work lifestyle (as most of us are!), we hope these 8 tips can help you adjust faster as they did for us! 

Man in remote conference call getting interrupted by his kid

Tip #1: Maintain your regular routine

Your daily routine of getting ready, having coffee or tea, or maybe even commuting is essential for your brain. These ‘work’ triggers help you start the day in a similar way as if you were actually going to an office.

*Bonus tip: don’t do any ‘non-work’ tasks (e.g. laundry) during your work time – it can help tell your brain that you should be focused on work without distraction. 

Woman drinking coffee, smiling and winking at the camera.

Tip #2: Stick to your usual work hours

Flexibility is one of the perks of working remotely! However, having consistency in work hours is a great way to adjust faster to the new set up. Make sure you maintain your regular working hours and sleeping routine.

Woman waking up very excited.

Tip #3: Create a to-do list

Starting your day with a simple to-do list will keep you organized, productive and motivated as you work remotely. As you create your list, think about what needs to be done first. We like asking questions like “what’s important or urgent or both?” If you have a big ongoing project, try to break it in smaller steps. Checking off these items can help you visualize the progress you’ve made throughout the day!

*Bonus tip: Instead of having your list in your head, make it visual by writing it down! Seeing all your to-dos on one page will provide a clear picture of what’s on your plate for the day!

Woman is sitting in the nice garden and writing something in her notepad, then looking at what she wrote.

Tip #4: Make a schedule

Finding a work-life balance might be challenging while working remotely.

When you create a schedule, make sure your new routine lets you enjoy all areas of your life, including friends and family, physical activity and hobbies.

Close shot of two hands and personal planner notebook showing how someone is organizing their agenda.

Tip #5: Set your home-office rules

Sharing your space with other people while working can have its challenges! It is essential to set ground rules with your housemates so you can stay productive and respect each others’ workspaces.

Woman saying 'No' by wagging her finger

Tip #6: Take breaks!

Breaks can help boost your productivity. It’s important to give yourself enough time during the day to recharge. Simply set up a timer on your smartphone or add a break right into your calendar!

Woman doing an easy workout while sitting at her desk

Tip #7: Find ways to connect with your coworkers!

Being self-isolated can be tough! Try to have a virtual lunch get-together with your colleagues over a video call a few times per week. Use this time to catch up or play some games together!

Video call between 6 people, everyone saying 'Hi'

Tip #8: Unplug

With increased screen time, it is important to give your eyes, head, back and neck a rest after a long working day. Try to fully unplug after working hours and spend more time doing non-screen activities like spending time with your household members, reorganize your space or go for a walk!

Someone closing laptop and taking it with them

Our friends and amazing funders at Google, have gathered some free tools and resources to keep you connected and productive. Check them out here.

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