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The JavaScript Quiz

Ready to find out if you know enough to be able to attend our JavaScript workshop?

The Ladies Learning Code “Are You Ready for JavaScript” Quiz

Given the HTML/CSS snippet below, can you answer these 4 questions?
1. What is the font size of the first header with the text “Welcome to Ladies Learning Code!”?
2. What color is the text “Introduction to JavaScript”?
3. Name the two class attributes found in the code snippet.
4. Name the one id attribute found in the code snippet.
5. Advanced question: How is a ‘class’ different than an ‘id’?

You don’t need to share the answers or anything…this is just our way of helping you to assess whether you’ll enjoy our upcoming JavaScript workshop. We’ll definitely be offering it again, so if you are still a beginner when it comes to HTML & CSS, stay tuned! That workshop will be back again before you know it.


1. 3em

2. purple

3. fun, important

4. wrapper

5. ID’s are unique – each page can only have one element with that ID

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