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Girls Learning Code March Break Camp – What a week it was

It’s been just about a week since we wrapped up our second ever March Break camp for girls. Time to take a look back at our last few days of camp and, of course, show off all of the awesome final projects just in case you missed Demo Day or want to re-live this inspiring week with us!

First, if you haven’t already, catch up and take a look at our first couple days of camp here. You can also check out what Google had to say about our visit on Tuesday here. Now, let’s dive into the rest of the week!

Wednesday morning started with an enlightening panel discussion about how multimedia can be used to send a message tot he public.  The girls even got to pitch their own ideas to the panel and get specific advice about how they can start making their dreams a reality.

We then got settled in for a lesson in logo design, lead by the very talented Kaitlin Bos. After a quick chat about the fundamentals and history of logo design, the girls got into their groups and started sketching and prototyping logo concepts to reflect on their team’s cause (which they decided earlier in the week). After narrowing their ideas down they presented the logo designs to a panel of logo experts who helped them perfect the designs before heading back over to the computer room and getting those logos digitized and ready for print, using free photo editing software GIMP. Once completed, we printed the logos on to special iron-on paper and transferred them onto white t-shirts for the girls to take home!

In the afternoon we got a visit from the producer and one of the stars on the hit interactive web series, Ruby Skye PI. The girls gathered around for a viewing of the second season and solved mysteries, along with the main character Ruby Skye, by using cell phones and the internet throughout the episodes to solve puzzles and text for clues. This was a big hit with the girls and they really enjoyed watching along and gathering clues together.

Thursday started off with a talk about creating a professional looking photo series and how the girls could use these photos to communicate about their chosen topic. They spent the rest of the morning taking photos and then learning to edit them again using GIMP.

We finished off the day on Thursday creating and editing our own videos, again focusing on each teams chosen topic. The girls had a LOT of fun brainstorming ideas and acting out their videos. The finished videos were created using Mozilla Popcorn. Want to check them out? The final videos are posted on the team websites, linked at the end of this post.

Friday was Demo Day, which meant we spent most of the morning getting the final touches on the team websites and blogs.


After some practicing for a surprise flash mob performance of “Cotton Eyed Joe” we all got to work setting up for our guests. We got a huge turn out of parents and supporters and every single one of the girls got up in front of the crowd to present. Check out some of the Love Bombs, created using HTML, sent out to the parents earlier in the week inviting them out to Demo Day herehere and here.

Click the team name links below to see their final projects, a website featuring all their work:
The Megabytes
The Hyperlinks
The Polaroids
The Tripods
The Tumblrs
The Podcasts
The Pixels
The Producers

Can’t wait for the next Girls Learning Code camp? Us either! Be sure to check them out and sign up early to make sure you get a spot in one or both!

July Summer Camp: Webmaking
August Summer Camp: Inventing

Thanks again to all the amazing mentors who made this week possible. We can’t help but feel so proud and lucky to have been a part of the week. These girls are definitely going to change the world!

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