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Managing Data with SQL

Adults 18+

In-Person Workshop
Managing Data with SQL
In-Person Workshop
Managing Data with SQL


  • 22/06/2024 - 22/06/2024
  • -
  • $0 - $25
    Pay-What-You-Can Options Available At Registration
  • Central Library - Lawson Foundation Room,
    251 Dundas St (Citi Plaza)
    London, ON, N6A 6H9


Learning to use and manipulate data from databases is an incredibly valuable skill that you can apply back on the job across many different sectors and types of jobs, and which will add to your value as an employee. Completing this workshop may also spark your interest in pursuing more training for a job focused on data, such as a data analyst.

If you’ve heard about databases, but aren’t sure how to use them, this workshop is designed for you! We’ll cover query basics, and practice these transferable skills within the SQLite data base (similar to MySQL) through some fun exercises. We’ll analyze real data from the Canadian government, which helped shape Canada’s newly updated Food Guide.

Why learn SQL?

SQL stands for Structured Query Language - it is the most universal and commonly-used language to communicate with databases. SQL is a powerful language that allows us to extract useful insights from large quantities of information (or “big data”).

Companies such as Uber, Netflix, and Amazon use SQL to analyze data, but they aren’t alone! SQL is widely applicable - it’s not exclusive to coding and tech. All industries use databases in some form, which makes SQL relevant to a wide variety of jobs and industries - from administrative roles, customer service, financial services, government, marketing, retail, restaurants, sales and more.


None! This workshop is designed for beginners.

About This Program

Who this is for

  • “I’m curious about tech and code in general”
  • “I am a complete beginner when it comes to coding”
  • “I have some coding skills but I’m looking to try my hand at something new!”
  • “I have financial barriers that make it hard to pay for classes and training”
  • “I’m not sure if I belong in tech— I wish I saw more people like me leading this industry!”
This event is open to all adults 18+, designed in a way that seeks to explicitly welcome people with underrepresented genders—this includes cis women, trans women, trans men, non-binary people, and others who are marginalized because of their gender identity or expression. We believe that addressing the gender gap in tech is just one part of building digital equity. A more just and equitable future for technology in Canada means building programming that supports, empowers, and equips all learners who historically have been—and continue to be—underrepresented in tech, particularly Black, Indigenous and other Racialized learners, people in low-income communities and newcomer learners If this sounds like you, we can’t wait to have you learn with us.

What's Included

  • 4:1 student-to-mentor ratio with an awesome lead instructor!
  • Great venue with a fun, social and inclusive learning environment
Managing Data with SQL

$0 - $25

What Do I Need To Bring?

You must bring your own laptop for which you have administrative permissions

Please remember to bring your own powercord. A mouse can be handy too

You may be required to download some free software. After you sign up, we will email detailed instructions.

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