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CSS Fundamentals


Live Online Workshop
CSS Fundamentals
Live Online Workshop
CSS Fundamentals


  • 20/12/2023 - 20/12/2023
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  • Pay what you can
  • Online Eastern Standard Time


Why learn CSS?

Have you taken our HTML and CSS workshop? Looking to expand your web-development skills? Wonder what all this CSS3 stuff is about? CSS is a powerful language used to create layout and design for web pages. Without CSS, the web would not be as beautiful!

In this workshop, we’ll build upon the concepts covered in our introductory HTML & CSS workshop. Together, we'll review the structural elements of HTML5 and dive deeper into the fundamentals of CSS (syntax, rules, layout). We'll also cover how to effectively use ID and class attributes, and leverage class selectors to style specific elements of your website. To give your web pages that extra flair, we’ll also cover topics such as how to add custom fonts and icons.


This is Part 2 of the "Webmaking with HTML & CSS" workshop. Learners must have completed Part 1 or have basic knowledge of HTML & CSS including its syntax, elements, and attributes in order to participate.

About Our Ladies Learning Code Program

Our Ladies Learning Code program offers women, men, transgender and beyond gender binary adults hands-on, project-based learning experiences that are designed to give beginners the skills and confidence they need to become digital creators. Ladies Learning Code programs tackle the tech gender gap one positive, empowering learning experience at a time.

Our workshops, courses and meetups are open to adults of all ages and genders but are designed to be a space where women explicitly are welcome to learn. Workshops cover everything from introductory HTML & CSS, to WordPress, Python, Ruby, artificial intelligence, web design and more. They are especially popular and successful because of our high ratio (4:1 in most programs!) of learners to mentors at every experience, which is only possible because of overwhelming support from the communities in which we operate.

What's Included

  • An awesome lead instructor and industry mentors!
CSS Fundamentals

Pay what you can

What Do I Need To Bring?

You must bring your own laptop for which you have administrative permissions

Please remember to bring your own powercord. A mouse can be handy too

You may be required to download some free software. After you sign up, we will email detailed instructions.

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