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Saturday, September 22nd, 2018


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Browser extensions are small software programs that modify and enhance our experience on the web. They range from playful to practical, with the goal of doing one thing, well.

Extensions can help customize our browsing experience, or increase productivity by reducing repetitive tasks. In this workshop, we will use code as a tool of empowerment, to develop agency and harness change through building our own extension for Google Chrome!

During this experience, we’ll learn the basics of JavaScript - with a focus on variables and loops - and use this programming language to interact with websites to perform tasks like replacing or modifying content. We’ll explore permissions and discuss ethics around extensions to help learners protect their privacy online. Learners will utilize developer tools to explore things like DOM manipulation, and leave with a personalized extension installed in their browser. We’ll also provide resources for learners to modify the extension for additional browsers, and make it available for others to install and use!

This workshop is designed to be a hands-on experience, where learners will:


Is this workshop for you?

This workshop has been designed for absolute beginners.

If you know absolutely nothing about coding, computer programming or JavaScript, you’ve come to the right place!

Our only expectation is that you know how to open up a web browser and do something online like checking your email. (But if you’re reading this, we’re pretty sure you know how to do that.)

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