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Canada Learning Code Week 2020

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Digital Citizenship: Online Safety

December 1st – 11th, 2020

Join thousands of educators across Canada and bring computer science into your classroom or extracurricular program! Our fourth annual Canada Learning Code Week is December 1st – 11th…slightly longer than a week because we understand how different teaching is these days! We’ll equip you with everything you need to feel confident about teaching computer science. Some FREE resources you can look forward to are a digital kit filled with amazing prep materials and training information delivered right to your e-mail inbox!


Top 3 Reasons To Participate:

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#1: Receive free training resources to continue your learning journey

When you register to teach, you’ll receive a free digital kit and training resources. You’ll also receive a certificate for participating when you fill out our Impact Form after you teach!

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#2: Empower your students to be great citizens in the digital space

Computer science is essential when it comes to succeeding in the ever-changing digital space. Staying safe online is equally important.

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#3: Teach (and learn!) computer science tied to YOUR curriculum

All of our lesson plans leverage the K-12 Computer Science Education Framework to show direct ties to your curriculum.

Coding for a Safer Digital World Using Lesson Plans!

Because people in Canada spend the most time online compared to any other country in the world, help equip your students with the tools to stay safe in the digital space. Each lesson plan is easy to follow and leverages the K-12 Computer Science Education Framework to show direct ties to your curriculum. When you register to teach, you’ll receive additional resources to help you prepare AND a free digital kit! This year, all of our lesson plans are teachable in-person and online.

Technology Consumption Vs. Technology Creation

Embrace your inner Curious George and question everything! Challenge your students to think about how they use their tech and why. Using the “Consume, Curate, Create” taxonomy, students will begin to develop the necessary skills to be critical users of technology.

  • Technology and Society
  • Design

Code Words with Python

We’ve heard it before: create a strong password that nobody can easily guess! What does that actually mean and why bother? In this lesson, your class will explore how to code a password generator using Python.

  • Computing and Networks
  • Programming
  • Technology and Society

Safety in my Online Neighbourhood

Channelling Ms. Frizzle and want to take your class on a field trip? It seems impossible with social distancing guidelines…right? Have no fear, you can still have virtual field trips this year! Using this lesson plan learners can practice online safety using 3 simple rules when surfing the web.

  • Technology and Society

Anti-Cyberbullying Assistant

Make an impact on cyberbullying with this lesson plan! Students will learn how to train a machine to become their very own anti-cyberbullying assistant that will help guide positive online behaviour.

  • Programming
  • Technology and Society
  • Design
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Register to teach and receive free training resources!

Sign up and access awesome free resources! You’ll receive a free digital kit, exclusive resources to walk you through each lesson plan and - new this year - a kick-off webinar to get you familiarized with the content and lesson plans. You’ll also have the opportunity to earn a certificate and enter our draw when you fill out our Impact Form! More details below.

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Share Your Impact With Us!

Share your impact with us once you’ve taught at least one of our lesson plans! Your submission gives us insight into your experience that helps us continue to improve, share our impact with the world and be able to provide these amazing resources for FREE to educators, youth and their families coast-to-coast-to-coast.

When you fill out our Impact Form*, you’ll receive a certificate for participating, shareable on your social networks and with your colleagues. You’ll also get exclusive access to our Educator Summit happening on December 12th with our special guest speaker. 

* Find the Impact Form in your digital kit.

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Bring #clcWeek Home to Your Family!

Interested in completing a #clcWeek activity with your family or sharing it with your students? Check out the family activities here! 

BONUS: you can enter for our draw for educators AND contest for families when you teach a lesson plan in your classroom AND complete an activity with your family.

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