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What Is Canada Learning Code Week?

Join us and teach coding in your classroom or extra-curricular program and empower your students to build a better world using technology! Learn alongside them and use the power of coding to take action this December 9th – 15th, during Canada Learning Code Week! We’ve designed lesson plans for first-time coding educators with a cross-curricular approach in mind. You’ll be equipped with a step-by-step guide on how to teach each lesson. It’s teaching code, made easy!

Win A Tech Toolkit

Thank you to all of the amazing educators who helped bring #clcWeek to life! We had over 200 submissions to our contest and to wrap up this exciting initiative, we’re thrilled to announce this year’s #clcWeek contest winners.


Top 3 Reasons To Participate:

#1: Technology is exciting!

Have a direct hand in preparing your students for the future. Get ready for some memorable moments. Hint: you’ll hear lots of  “OMG! This is awesome!”

#2: Be Part Of Our Educator Community

Join 2,500+ educators across Canada who are bringing coding into their classrooms and extra-curricular programs! Together, you will teach 120,000+ students. 

#3: Our Lessons Map To Your Curriculum

Teaching coding is more than teaching your students how to write lines of code to build awesome algorithms. It allows you to teach skills like critical thinking, problem solving and teamwork. 

Take Action With Our Lesson Plans!

Our lesson plans will equip you to teach digital skills and make a positive impact on a cause you and your students are passionate about.

How can we demystify the magic of machine learning? In this lesson, students will explore how machine learning algorithms work, and their uses in day-to-day life! You can apply this lesson to ANY curriculum, let your imagination run wild. View lesson plan here.

How can we teach values with technology in a fun and creative way? In this lesson, your students will learn about the Anishinaabe people’s Seven Grandfather Teachings by building their very own comic strip with Canva. View lesson plan here.

How can we use poetry to remember how to be a great global citizen? In this beginner lesson, you’ll find the perfect formula: poems + ScratchJr = students getting a taste of what creating their own program looks (and feels) like. Be prepared, you’ll hear lots of ecstatic squeals! View lesson plan here.

What happens when your students have a platform that allows them to envision the impact they make in the world? In this lesson, your students will learn how to use CoSpaces to build their own 3D creations, animate them with code (using block coding) and explore the topic of virtual reality. View lesson plan here.

What does it take to build inclusive technology? In this lesson, around AI ethics, students will experience how algorithmic bias occurs using Google’s Teachable Machine tool using a biased data set. Hint: you might hear some “woofs” and “purrs”! View lesson plan here.

How do greenhouse gas emissions affect climate change? In this lesson, your students will use Python and the Pygal graphing library to visualize data. Taking action on this pressing issue starts with making data-driven decisions! View lesson plan here.

Register Today

We're no longer sending kick-off kits but you'll still want to register to teach! We'll be delivering exclusive step-by-step instructional videos for each of our lesson plans up until Canada Learning Code Week 2019.


Together, We Will Take Action By Bringing Coding To:







"Fantastic! Very proud of my grade 5s. We won the Amazon ‘Future Engineer Canada Learning Code Week Award’ for ‘Most Innovative Project’. Thanks Canada Learning Code and Amazon for selecting our coded projects on Self Driving cars. We will keep coding! "
"Coming up with solutions on how to use voice assistant technology for good. Students invent the AI Watch to help them organize their tests, assignments, due dates and extra-curriculars!"
"Just came back from a whirlwind adventure in Iqaluit, Nunavut where I taught a Canada Learning Code Week workshop on virtual reality and imagining new worlds! Thanks Canada Learning Code, Pinnguaq and ImagineNATIVE for all your hard work!"
Thank you to our sponsors who make Canada Learning Code Week possible!