A tribute to 6 weeks of summer!

Over the course of July and August, Girls Learning Code and Kids Learning Code ran a total of 6 week-long summer camps and exposed approximately 300 youth to new technology, code and design! With the help from over 100 volunteer mentors, kids from all across Ontario learned how to be entrepreneurs, game makers, journalists, inventors, designers and wearable innovators. We’re unbelievably proud of each and every kid that we got to meet this summer, and are thankful that these minds are our next generation of thinkers and creators! Below are a few highlights from each week!

Girls Learning Code Entrepreneurship Camp: July 14-18
40 girls were split up into 8 groups of 5, and together formed their very own startup! Throughout our five days together, we tackled how to write a business plan, design a business card, put together a revenue model, pitch in front of a panel of judges, effectively network, code a website, conduct market research, design an infographic, and crowdfund. We also took a field trip to the Ryerson Digital Media Zone and heard from a panel of entrepreneurs!

Special thanks to our fabulous lead instructors: Kathryn Barrett, Amanda McCusker, Heather Payne, Sami Sadaghiani, Dayna Boyer, Tegan Mierle, Shilling DeHaas, Jane Guan, Hillary Predko, Julie Smithson and Emma Nemtin.


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Kids Learning Code Game Makers Camp: July 21-25
When we weren’t playing games as a group, we created them! Throughout the week, 40 kids created a total of two games – 1 in Scratch and 1 in Stencyl, and also learned how to create 2D game graphics, storyboard, code a website, play a game through a MaKey MaKey, 3D model and 3D print a game piece, and beta test everything they built with their peers. A special shout out to Google for inviting us to their Geek Street Fair in the Distillery District, where we got to play around with Oculus Rift and test out a number of really cool games!

Special thanks to our fabulous lead instructors: Kathryn Barrett, Amanda McCusker, Jan Mazereeuw, Cindy Perez, Haris Mahmood, Gabby Resch, Emma Westecott, Lizz Armstrong, and Lee Tran.


For more Game Makers pictures, click here.

Girls Learning Code Digital Journalism Camp: July 28-August 1
With help from many strong female journalists, 40 girls experienced what it would be like to research and follow a story over the course of five days. Together we learned many skills (both digital and physical) and really explored what it means to be a journalist in 2014. We learned everything from how to find good sources, conduct credible research, design an infographic, write and perform a podcast, code a website, write and edit an article, cut, edit, and publish a YouTube video, write comedic journalism, and publish a zine. We also took an inspirational field trip to CBC and heard from Toronto’s female 5 o’clock news anchor, Anne-Marie Mediwake!

Special thanks to our fabulous lead instructors: Kathryn Barrett, Amanda McCusker, Katherine Scarrow, Emily Maemura, Heather Yundt, Hannah Allen, Danielle Webb, and Rosie Chapman.


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Kids Learning Code Inventors Camp: August 11-15
In small teams, 40 kids put on their thinking caps and came up with all kinds of world-changing inventions! Throughout our 5 days together, we learned how to brainstorm ideas for inventions, invent without technology, build prototypes using Lego, test out unusual materials such as nano magnetics, code a website, invent an interactive environment using a MaKey MaKey, program an Arduino, 3D model a building, and bonus surprise: hack a cake! We also visited two awesome field trip locations this week: Monster Factory (plush toy design and production) and Hot Pop Factory (all things 3D printing and fabrication)!

Special thanks to our fabulous lead instructors: Kathryn Barrett, Amanda McCusker, Gabby Resch, Ashley Huffman, and Ryan Christiani.


For more Inventors pictures, click here.

Girls Learning Code Design Camp: August 18-22
This week was all about indoor and outdoor spatial design! Together, 40 girls learned how to think and build like an architect, 3D model an object for a space, repurpose recycled materials, design and build an indoor play space, code a website, animate digital interactive landscapes, invent something using biomimicry, create an interactive environment using MaKey MaKey, leverage craft for design, and code geometric patterns in Processing. Special thank you to Bruce Mau Design for allowing us to visit for our field trip! Also, this Design Camp will be featured in Scotiabank Nuit Blanche. Come check out our installation on October 4th!

Special thanks to our fabulous lead instructors: Kathryn Barrett, Amanda McCusker, Alex Perlin, Hannah Allen, Karen Smith, Kathryn Meisner, and Libs Elliott.


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Kids Learning Code Wearable Technology Camp: August 25-29
This brand new and innovative industry is making its way into the public eye! This week focussed on exposing and teaching kids about the wonderful world of wearable technology and how it will shape our future. As a group, 40 kids learned how to solve real-world problems using wearable tech, create mobile game ideas with devices such as Google Glass, sew a soft circuit using conductive thread and LEDs, code a documentation website, program an Arduino to display text on a LED matrix, use a circuit board to play sound while dancing, design a wearable device for an animal, and assemble and use Google Cardboard for virtual reality. We also really loved trekking out to the MaRS Discovery District to hear from up and coming wearable tech startups!

Special thanks to our fabulous lead instructors: Kathryn Barrett, Amanda McCusker, Tom Emrich, Connie Leung, Susan Fohr, Wisam Zaghal, Robert Tu, Loretta Faveri, and Macy Kuang.


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