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Girls Learning Code - Code Day 2018

Girls Learning Code Day 2018 - Collaborative Game Production

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Why learn about Game Production?

Technology is a powerful tool that can be used to change the world!

In this collaborative experience, learners work together to build a video game that addresses a social or environmental issue, and works towards change. Learners will explore the game industry by experiencing what it’s like to work on different project teams, within a variety of roles. As a group, we will track through the game development process together - from pre-production to post.

After brainstorming a game idea, and creating a collective Game Design Document (GDD), learners will work in smaller teams to complete assignments using a variety of tools, programs, and languages. Each team of learners will collaborate on 2 of 3 game production elements, including game-building, audio, and/or artworks.

Bee, Clouds and some Trees

Check out what we'll make at the workshop:

Take a look at the games of our past participants; click on the green flag to start!

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