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Frequently Asked Questions

    Making Requests

  1. Q: Have you worked with schools before?

    Yes indeed. We have been welcomed into classrooms from teachers, principals and superintendents across our nation!

  2. Workshop

  3. Q: Is there a particular age range this is intended for?

    We currently have Code Mobile programs best suited for 6 to 12 year old learners.

  4. Q: The learners in my group fall within a large age range. Can you accommodate this within a single workshop?

    We find that the best learning experience follows when learners are grouped by age, as follows:

    • 6 - 8 years old
    • 9 - 12 years old

    Please note that these ranges are guidelines - but remain flexible. For extreme cases (ie. groups spanning 6-12 years of age), we offer several solutions: (1) pair an older learner with a younger learner, or (2) split the group by age and arrange for 2 or more consecutive workshops.

  5. Q: What is the maximum number of youth that can participate in a single workshop?

    40 learners maximum per workshop. However, we are happy to deliver multiple rounds of workshops separated by short breaks to ensure our team is well prepared. This is a common approach taken with schools to accommodate several classrooms throughout the day. After all, the more we can help introduce code to the youth in your community, the better!

    If you would like for us to deliver this program for multiple rounds of learners (at 40 learners per workshop max), the ideal scenario would be for us to set up in one central location (Ex. Gymnasium or Library) and have scheduled rounds of students rotate through - book fair style.

  6. Q: How long are your workshops?

    A single workshop can range from 1 to 3 hours. Let us know what works for you!

  7. Q: What will my youth learn?

    We have a variety of content types based on workshop length, technical requirements, and the age of your learners.

    Once you complete our request form, our Code Mobile team will use the information provided and their expertise to select the best content for your group! All content is built for on-the-go flexibility - we are able to modify our pace and difficulty-level based on the unique skillsets of your youth!

    Content Menu:

    • Gamemaking with Scratch
    • Artmaking with Scratch
    • Animation with Scratch
    • Graphic Design with Canva and Scratch
    • Gamemaking and Circuitry with Scratch and MaKeyMaKey
    • Webmaking with HTML & CSS
    • Generative Art with Processing
    • Photo-Editing with Pixlr
    • Programming with Ruby
  8. Setup & Day Of Logistics

  9. Q: Where will you set up?

    We will need access to a space that is large enough for your entire group to be seated at tables!

  10. To limit setup time for multi-workshop visits, we prefer to use a common area and have the learners come to us. For example, we would typically set up in the library or gymnasium when visiting schools.

  11. Q: How much time is needed for setup and teardown?

    We will arrive 1 hour before the workshop begins to set up our equipment. It typically takes us 30 minutes to pack up after the workshop has ended.

  12. Q: Do I have to be on-site while the Code Mobile delivers a program to my students?

    We request that you and/or someone who plays an authority figure role to your learners (Teacher, Girl Guide Leader, etc) be present throughout the session. We also see this as an opportunity for you and your community leaders to observe how technology education can hands-on and fun for the youth in your community.

  13. Q: How can I ensure my kids continue to learn how to code even after the Code Mobile makes a visit?

    We want the learning to continue - even after our Code Mobile leaves. While optional, we encourage you to get involved with instructing while we are on-site to gain some practice. All you have to do is let our Code Mobile Manager know upon booking that you are interested in co-instructing and we’ll be sure to include you in the teaching experience. Also, visit for our educator resources.

  14. Q: Can you travel to multiple locations in one day?

    Since setting up our equipment takes some time, we can only visit one location per day.

  15. Donations

  16. Q: How much should I donate?

    The recommended donation per workshop ranges from $300 - $800 depending on the travel distance and length of workshop. That said, any amount is appreciated! If you are able to donate, it is helpful towards covering our Code Mobile program costs, including travel and staffing. The more money we can raise, the more underserved communities we are able to visit!

  17. Q: What if I don’t have a budget available to donate?

    We recognize that providing a donation is not always easy for the communities we serve. Our visit is not entirely dependant on a set donation amount that you can provide. We are happy to visit regardless!

  18. Q: How are donations handled?

    We will e-mail an invoice to your organization for the agreed upon donation amount, including instructions on how to transfer funds.

  19. Q: Where should we send our donation to?

    Our address is:

    Canada Learning Code
    129 Spadina Avenue
    Suite 501
    Toronto, Ontario
    M5V 2L3

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